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Is there a way to add geo-restrictions to my job?

Yes! We encourage you to include the country or region applicants need to be based in to apply.

When you are filling out the job form, select the location(s) that apply from our menu:

Worldwide: if you are open to candidates anywhere in the world, select the Worldwide option. If you are open to candidates regardless of their location but have a preference for a specific time zone or region, we would advise you to select Worldwide and make your preferences very clear in the job description. You might miss out on a fantastic candidate otherwise!

USA Only: This is the best option for jobs open only to candidates based in the USA.

Other location requirements:

If you are looking for candidates based in specific regions or countries, you can select the location that best fits your remote role from our most popular location options:

If none of the options is a good fit for the remote role you are posting, select the option _Other, please specify_ and type the desired location in the box:

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Updated on: 11/11/2022

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