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Job Listing Template

Job Listing Template

Hiring remotely can be challenging. Whenever you list a remote job, what you want is to get top applicants that could be a great fit for your team. The last thing you want to do is waste hours sorting through applicants that are only interested in "working from home." We've been through thousands of remote job descriptions and studied what worked. Then, we got feedback from expert recruiters and our community.

We love documenting how companies hire! If you're looking for some inspiration, check out our How Top Remote Companies Hire blog series, where we study great remote companies. We also have this fantastic article on the blog How to Write a Great Remote Job Description that might help you expand on our template.

We're excited to share this proven job description template with you!

These are the sections you must think about and include:

1. Remote Job Title

2. Location requirement - Company Name - Functional Team

Include here a summary of the essential information a candidate needs to know:

- Where do I need to be based?
- What is the salary?
- How long will the interview process be?
- Who am I reporting to?

Having this information up top will help candidates decide if your remote job is a good fit for them or not. The market is very competitive right now, and candidates in tech are spoilt for choice of well-paid remote jobs. If they are interested by what they find here, they will read on.

3. Company description

Explain why you're awesome (3 paragraphs at the most), including the COMPANY's mission.

Job descriptions can be a candidate's first contact point with your company. It is essential to provide context:
- Who are you as a company?
- What do you believe in?
- What are your highlights?
- What are you learning?

4. As a [X] team member, your goal is to….

The TEAM’s mission and the CANDIDATE’s mission go here.
Share what the candidate will work on, and who will they be working with.

5. Requirements

Make a distinction between what is REQUIRED & what is OPTIONAL

- Always include language, time zone and country requirement, if applicable. If you have shared that up top, repeat it here.
- Be upfront about any travel requirements, if applicable (retreats=business trip).

6. Remote Work Philosophy

- Clarify any restrictions ( "US citizens only" ≠ "US time zones only" ≠ "US locations only")
- Collaboration: Is overlap required? How many hours? Any asynchronous work?

7. Benefits

Insurance, Vacation, Remote office stipend, Family perks/policies go here...

8. Diversity & Inclusion

Has your company worked on Diversity & Inclusion over the past year? If yes, do share it!

9. Salary Range & Employment status

- Sharing a range will help attract top active & passive candidates. (eg. $80k - $120k). It is also mandatory in some US states and other countries. It's also needed for Google to list your job.
- Are you hiring full-time employees or contractors? Is salary calculated locally? Are benefits affected?

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Optional sections (we highly encourage you to include them!)

Who you'll work with (and why)

Joe, Director of Engineering loves to...
Joyce, Design Lead is passionate about...
Janet, VP of Engineering leads the team that...

Bonus points: Include a link to a short video where the team leader/manager the successful candidate will report to briefly introduces the team and the role.

How to Apply

- How soon can a candidate expect to hear back? Do you reply to all?
- Summary of the next steps for successful candidates

Tools we use/love...

For example: Slack, Teams, Loom, etc.


Why not offer $X,000 if someone refers you to the person you hire? Well worth it.

S-M-A-R-T Expectations

In the first [week/month/quarter], you will achieve...

How we help you grow

How will the candidate grow at your company? Is management the only way up? Can individual contributors thrive?

Remotive helps remote startups attract top talent: Post a job on Remotive!

Updated on: 11/11/2022

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