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About Remotive

Hi there! Remotive, established in 2014, is the #1 remote work community. Our mission is to help tech professionals go remote. We do that by connecting hiring managers to remote job seekers through our virtual job board. And we practice what we preach: the Remotive team is entirely remote. No office in sight!

The team is currently consists of 5 remote work lifers who believe in family first and work…eh maybe third or fourth on the list — we put mental health and fun over work, don’t you?

We’re bonded over a shared love of work/life balance and travel. We live and work all over the world and communicate asynchronously through Loom, Slack (#TeamSlack all day every day!), and Google Workplace.

Occasionally, we need to discuss work (or socialize) in real time so we schedule one on one Google Hangout sessions. We rarely get together in person but we have a blast when we do! Check out the photos from our first company retreat in 2022!

Remotive SARL is incorporated in France and doing business worldwide. 🌎

Remotive helps remote startups attract top talent: Post a job on Remotive!

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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