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New Job Notifications in Slack - Slack Channels Guide

To ensure you receive every remote job listing as soon as we find them, you need to do two things when you join our Slack community:

Set up your notifications. Here's a quick guide from Slack with everything you need to know about notifications for mobile and desktop devices. And here's another handy link to help you configure your Slack notifications, to make sure you don't miss anything you don't want to miss.

Join the relevant channels. You will be subscribed automatically to all job-seeking related channels. You can leave and join any channel at any time. For new job notifications, make sure you join #jobs and, if you are looking for developer roles, for example, #jobs-software-dev. Below you will find our Slack channels guide to learn which ones are relevant.

Slack Channels Guide

#_-general: Everyone is in this channel. We make announcements here and greet each other every day.

#_introduction: This is where new members introduce themselves.

#_meet-someone-new: Our bot Donut pairs two people on this channel for a virtual chat every 4 weeks.

#_productivity: Tips & tricks on what makes us do more.

#_watercooler: Non-work related banter and watercooler conversation

#_gear-ergonomics: A place for standing-desks lovers, among other things.

#cv-reviews: Share your CV to be reviewed by other community members. Help others by sharing your feedback about their submissions.

#design-ux-ui: Design chat.

#engineering: Chatting about all things technical.

#fitness: Discussions around fitness & health.

#freelance: Freelance chat.

#job-search: Discussing our job search.

#makers: Makers share their thoughts and creations.

#nomading: All about the digital nomad life.

#parenting-tips: Chatting about raising children.

#readings: Book chat. Our monthly book club happens here.

#startups: Startup chat.

#work-career-advice: Career and work life discussions, questions, etc.

#writing: Share your blog posts, ask for advice, and help somebody else!

#jobs: You want to be in this channel! As soon as a job goes live on Remotive, we push it to Slack, and it will appear here. All jobs posted on this channel have been reviewed by the Remotive team.

Jobs posted in the following channels correspond to the category mentioned in each channel name. You will find those posted on the Remotive job board (reviewed by the Remotive team) and many other remote jobs as soon as we find them online, which will then publish exclusively on Slack. Make sure to join these channels if you don't want to miss any new job listings:


For more details on what each category means, check out this article.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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